Voytovych Ivan. Research activities

Voytovych Ivan Gerasimovich

Voytovych Ivan GerasimovichVOYTOVYCH IVAN




  • Production of wooden article
    • technology
    • equipment
    • projection of woodworking enterprises
  •  Learning proper utilization of wood – a partial solution to deforestation
  •  Investigation regimes of work and design family type biogas plants 10m¸20m3

In 1973 defended PhD dissertation “Research polishing of poliether lacquer coating on a wood”

Published more 110 scientific works. Among of them:


  • Find of possibility of analytical description of polishing of polyether wood covering, Forestry journal №5, Moscow, 1976.
  • Comparative research of sanding process in Ethiopian species of wood, Bahr Dar, 1984, (in English)
  • Learning proper utilization of wood a partial solution of deforestation. 12-th scientific conference of a faculty of wood technology, SGGW, Warsaw. 3p. (in English)
  • Results of anaerobic decomposition of sewage sludge. 2-nd International Ukrainian Conference on BIOMASS FOR ENERGY., 20-22 September 2004, Kyiv
  • Base of technology of wooden article, Education publishing, Text book, Lviv, “Kraina angelat”, 2010,-305p.
  • Forest clusters development and implementation measures of a 6-region strategic joint action plan for knowledge-based regional innovation.      WP.3 Analysis, Carpathia, Ukraine. Working Paper. Ukrainian National Forestry University, Lviv, Ukraine, 2011


  •  Analysis finger joints at length on bent strength of solid wood
  •  Research process sanding materials by sand jointing in “Loop of Mobius”
  •  Analysis of methods receive of curved contour details and work out technology process in shops production of bent furniture


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