Statistical methods for improving of the product quality in woodworking industry

Statistical methods for improving of the product quality in woodworking industry

Lecture courses – information about discipline
General information on the discipline

The course “Statistical methods for improving of the product quality in woodworking industry” read for students 4-year Engineering Department in specialyty “Woodworking and Furniture Technologies” .

The purpose of discipline is to develop students’ ability to apply statistical methods to improve the quality and production in woodworking, set and solve problems science plan, skills and inclination to research work and encourage research activities in the divisions and departments of the University.

The objectives of the course is to develop in students:

  • ability to carry out statistical processing of the results of research;
  • ability to apply the procedure of testing statistical hypotheses in issues related to Woodworking  Technologies;
  • ability to apply statistical methods to improve product quality;
  • ability to conduct an analytical review of the literature of a given subject;
  • ability to set the theme and objectives of research based on a priori information and conducted preliminary studies;
  • ability to develop and substantiate methods of research;
  • ability of diysnyty statistical analysis and processing of research results;
  • ability to analyze the mathematical model based on experimental and theoretical research;
  • ability to use a PC to facilitate the tasks envisaged by this discipline.

Training for the courses:

The main and auxiliary literature

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Secondary Literature

Work programs and plans

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