Visualization of technological information


Visualization of technological information

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General information on the discipline

The course Visualization of technological information to read master 6 courses of the Faculty of Technology in “Wood Technology”.

The purpose of discipline is to develop in students the ability and skills to represent performed their tasks, projects and programs in the form of public speaking (presentation) with the use of modern technical means and methods of presenting information.

The objectives of the course is to develop in students:

  • ability to determine the feasibility and necessity of speech (presentation) of a given subject;
  • ability to prepare and process the available technological information;
  • ability to develop a scenario, the structure and layout of the presentation;
  • ability to select hardware and software;
  • ability to work with numerical and textual information, graphic elements and video;
  • ability to organize and conduct a projection (presentation).

The program of lectures on the subject “Visualization technology information”

  • Subject and objectives of the course. Basic concepts and terms. Applications. Problems, solutions, advantages, disadvantages.
  • Technology training presentations. Development scenario and model. Ingredients presentation. Stages of preparation.
  • Means and visualization software for presentations.
  • Visualizing textual and numeric information. Software for processing information and its presentation.
  • Using graphic elements, video elements and computer animation ..
  • The layout and design presentation. Non-verbal components of the presentation. Behavior during his speech. Language and voice. Conclusions from the course.

The program for the laboratory sessions with subject “Visualization technology information”

  • Create and present a presentation means Power.
  • Visualization of process data among Excel.
  • Application Analysis Tool Pack (pr Excel) processing technology information.
  • Using SPSS for information visualization.
  • Graphical representation of data and its processing using the program Origin.
  • Working with graphic data visualization applications for individual tasks.

Work programs and plans

Lecture materials

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