Ivan Voytovych



TFWA department, Professor, PhD


tel. 38 (032) 238-45-04
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • In 1964 he graduated from the Lviv Forestry Institute, specializing in "Wood Working technology"

Scientific degree:

  • Ph.D.
  • Thesis: "Investigation of the process of polishing polyester lacquer coatings on wood"
  • Year defence of thesis - 1973


  • professor at the Department of Technology of Furniture and Wood Products at Ukrainian National Forestry University (UNFU)


  • Delivers lectures and conducts workshops on " Basic technology of wood working" for students of technological, mechanical and Correspondence Faculty

Research and professional interests:

  • Improving the production of wooden products: materials, technology, equipment and design of enterprises;
  • Studying the methods of rational use of wood - a way to partially solve the problems of reducing forest;
  • Study mode and designing small biogas plants for processing organic waste of timber and agro-enterprises.

Selected Publications

  • Study processof polishing polyester lacquer coatings on wood. Defence o thesis Ph.D. degree, 1973;
  • Guidelines for the implementation indication tehnologial part in the project thesis (for students special. 1720) Seal Lions, LLTY, 1982;
  • Calculation of numbers of woodworking equipment and area of r workshops (in English. Language) Print Bahr Dar, Ethiopia 1986, p. 49.;
  • Guidance on laboratory work in the course "Technology of woodworking" for special students. 2602 "Technology faculty" UkrDLTU Lviv, 1998, 136 pages (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5136500/mvk/met_tvd.pdf);
  • Some problems of multi-display system of education. Newsletter № 021-96, Lviv TSNTBI, 1996;
  • Bioconversion of organic waste in conditions of Ukraine. 2nd international conference on "Demand Side Management" LGU "LP", Lviv, 1997, 2 pages.;
  • Learning better use of wood partial solution to increase forest cover (English). 12th Scientific Conference of the department of wood technology, SGGW, Warsaw, p.3, 1998.;
  • Two-stage unit for extracting biogas 15.11.2000 Bull. № 6-11, Patent for invention;
  • Guidelines on the use of wood pulp to produce energy for the Carpathian region. The program of annual partnership grants ECOLINKS, Kyiv 2001. P. 55.;
  • Previous method of cleaning biogas in biogas plants continuous action.17.12.2001 Bull. Number 1, Patent for invention;
  • Study careful ways of using wood - a way to increase forest cover. Scientific Bulletin Vol .. 12.1, UkrDLTU, 2002.
  • Glossary of derevoobroblennya printing. Lions: Romus-Polygraph, 2002, 280 pages.;
  • Problems byokonversion orhanic waste in small biogaz plants. Tezysы dokladov.Pervaya in Ukraine through a broad-INTERNATIONAL rentsyya "Energy from the byomassы" 23-26.09.02 Kiev, 3 pages.;
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  • Cluster Analysis Forest Carpathian region of Ukraine and recommendations for cluster management: final report / Kiiko OA, Jacuba M., Voitovich I., Andreas Schulte, Uwe Keys, Radmila Ustich et al. - Scientific publication, 312 p.. - 2008. ( download , 780 kB, PDF).
  • Basic technology of woodworking, Texbook, Lviv, "Krana angeliat", 2010,-304p