Summary of discipline. “Flexible manufacturing systems “


Flexible manufacturing systems (FMS)

Direction of preparation:  Wood Processing Technology
Profession (Speciality) :  “Technology woodworking”,  Technology of wood products
Educational  Magistr

The Course content:
Theme 1. The role and place of flexible manufacturing systems Wood Processing.
Theme 2. The structure, classification and function of flexible manufacturing
Theme 3. Wood Processing centers.
Theme 4. Flexible manufacturing systems in Wood Processing.
Theme 5. Robotics in Wood Processing.
Theme 6. Structure and technological bases of robotics furniture production.
Theme 7. Robotic technological complexes in Wood Processing.
Theme 8. Prospects for flexible manufacturing systems Wood Processing.

Results of the study:
Suitability and possibility graduate specialist to carry out industrial and technical,
organizational, management, design and research activities in the field of science and
industry, to create and implement new technologies based on the use of flexible
manufacturing systems Wood Processing, to creative and professional activities, fl
related to the creation of flexible automated production.

The Acquired knowledge:
1. The place and importance of FMS in scientific and technical advancement;
2. The basic directions of development of promising FMS;
3. The structure, functions and classification of FMS;
4. FMS in different fields Wood Processing;
5. advanced CNC automated equipment;
6. Wood Processing centers of advanced countries;
7. The basic stages and directions creating works with FMS;
8. elemental and complex technology of FMS;
9. Modern robot problem in Wood Processing;
10. The structure and composition of robotic technical systems;
11. robot features of the furniture industry of Ukraine;

Acquired skills:
1. to analyze the state of FMS materials for exhibitions;
2. Do substantiation of proceedings FMS;
3. to exercise choice robotic equipment for flexible production flows;
4. FMS and make a substantiated planning of automation equipment;
5. solve the task of planning and accounting of moving products in FMS;
6. determine the structure and performance of FMS;
7. flexibility to solve problems Wood Processing company.

Responsible for the course: Serhiy Hayda