Handbook of resource efficient and clean production. Furniture and Woodworking Industry

The purpose of this guide is to analyze the current situation in the wood and furniture sector of Ukraine, with particular attention to direct and indirect environmental impacts; to provide recommendations on the optimal methods of using raw materials at the enterprises of the industry; identify approaches that will help mitigate adverse environmental impacts and create the conditions for resource efficiency and clean production.


The guide is intended for the wood and furniture industry.

This publication was prepared under the project “Promoting the Adaptation and Implementation of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production through the Establishment and Operation of a Cleaner Production Center in Ukraine” by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the National Center for Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (CRCHW) ). The donors of the project are the governments of Switzerland and Austria

* RESOURCE-EFFICIENT AND PURE MANUFACTURING GUIDE. FURNITURE AND WOODWORKING INDUSTRY / O.Kiyko, A.Kushpit, N.Chopenko, V.Popovich – Kyiv .: Center for Resource Efficient and Clean Production, 2019. – 132 p. (in Ukrainian)