Перероблення залишків деревини


Perspectives using of post-consumer wood

Direction of preparation: Wood Processing Technology
Profession (Speciality) : “Technology woodworking”, “Technology of wood products”
Educational level " Master "

The Course content:
Theme 1. Status and prospects of wood Ukraine.
Theme 2. The systematization and classification of PCW.
Theme 3. Potential PCW in Ukraine and Europe.
Theme 4. Ways and uses of PCW.
Theme 5. Technology use in the manufacture of PCW with particle boards.
Theme 6. Technology PCW for use in manufacturing cabinet plates.
Theme 7. The technology of manufacture of fuel briquettes and granules of PCW.
Theme 8. Technology PCW use in the manufacture of furniture products.
Theme 9. Technology PCW in Europe.

Results of the study:
Eligibility and the possibility of graduate-master to conduct industrial-technical, organizational,
management, design and research activities in the field of science and industry, to create and
implement new technologies based on the use of wood waste – used wood, to creative and
professional activities, fl related to the processing of used wood on wood products industry.

The Acquired knowledge:
1. The state and prospects of Ukraine wood;
2. The main areas of waste management;
3. Classification of wood waste;
4. systematization and classification of used wood (PCW);
5. PCW potential in Ukraine and Europe;
6. Ways and uses PCW;
7. PCW technology use in the manufacture of chipboard;
8. PCW use the technology to manufacture joiner plates;
9. The technology of fuel briquettes from PCW;
10. The technology of fuel pellets from PCW;
11. The technology of using massive solid PCW;
12. PCW technology use in the manufacture of upholstered furniture;
13. The use of technology in the manufacture of lattice PCW furniture;
14. PCW technology use in the manufacture of furniture;
15. PCW technology use in the manufacture of household goods;
16. PCW technology use in the production of special products;
17. PCW technology in Europe;
18. perspectives and innovative uses of PCW.

Acquired skills:
1. calculate potential PCW;
2. analyze ways and prospects of PCW;
3. To make the sorting and distribution PCW categories;
4. determine the quality and suitability for PCW material and energy use;
5. develop processes using PCW;
6. determine productivity, the number of processing equipment PCW;
7. conduct research on the use of technology in PCW wood;
8. carry out a comparative analysis of the PCW products with the products of primary timber;
9. determine the ecological and economic efficiency of PCW.

Responsible for the course: Serhiy Hayda