Обладнання та процеси опорядження деревини і деревних матеріалів

Technology of wood finishing
Direction of preparation: “Woodworking technology”
Profession: Wood Processing Technology
Educational level: Bachelor

The course content
Theme 1: Overview of materials for coating wood. Historical information.
Theme 2: Types and classification of materials for coating wood.
Theme 3. Wood and its properties. Auxiliary finishing materials
Theme 4. The Basic types of film-forming substances.
Theme 5 Thermosetting resins and paints based on them.
Theme 6. Methods of application of finishing materials.
Theme 7. Applying spray paints.
Theme 8. Contact methods applying paints and varnishes.
Theme 9. Creating simulation coatings wood and wood materials.
Theme 10. Methods of drying paints.
Theme 11. The intensification of drying paint.
Theme 12. Alignment surface lacquer films.
Theme 13. Environmental coatings and finishing processes.
Results of the study
Graduates with professional and creative work for woodworking and furniture industries. Graduates
should be able to grow their business.
The acquired knowledge:
• know the basic and auxiliary materials to build protective and decorative coatings;
• materials to simulate wood (film materials, plastics, powders);
• features of forming protective and decorative coatings on a substrate;
• methods and equipment for refining coatings;
• methods of control of quality indicators of paints and coatings;
• means of labor protection and fire protection when working with finishing materials, choice of
materials and techniques create surfaces with minimal load on the environment.
The acquired skills:
• Identify and classify paints and protective and decorative coatings;
• Determine the properties of paints, their types and qualitative characteristics;
• need to offer highly efficient, energy-saving equipment for the formation of protective and
decorative coatings;
• Define the quality indicators of paints and films;
• The technological process of finishing wood products considering the environmental safety of the
• The create and adjusted technological modes finishing;
• The select simulation types of coatings;
• calculate the required number of coatings to the product;
• Determine the required number of equipment;
• to organize the production processes finishing wood products;
• to monitor compliance with safety, fire safety and environmental protection.
Responsible for the course: L. Yaremchuk

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