Конструювання виробів з деревини


Construction of wood products

Direction of preparation: Wood Processing Technology
Profession (Speciality) : ” Woodworking Technology”
Educational level Bachelor

The Course content:
Theme 1. Classification of wood
Theme 2. History wood products.
Theme 3. Ergonomic design principles products.
Theme 4. Design and composite foundations of furniture
Theme 5. Materials for manufacturing wood products.
Theme 6. The structure, design and architectural elements of wood.
Theme 7. Connecting elements in wood products.
Theme 8. Fundamentals layout of furniture products.
Theme 9. Basics formation joinery:
Theme 10. Basics of designing sustainable wood products.
Theme 11. Fundamentals of interchangeability.
Theme 12. The system of tolerances and landings.
Theme 13. Metrological support interchangeability.
Theme 14. Surface roughness.
Theme 15. The quality of the products and methods of control.
Theme 16. Rules of Implementation of design documentation for wood products.

Results of the study:
Eligibility and the possibility of graduate-bachelor carry out industrial and technical,
organizational, management, design and research activities in the field of science and industry, to
create and implement new design and design solutions for the design of wood products in
production processes, to creative and professional work associated with the creation of modern
furniture and other wood products.

The Acquired knowledge:
1. The modern materials used for wood products;
2. The current classification of wood for the main features;
3. The connection of parts in products, requirements and their constitutive peculiarity;
4. Tolerance, planting of the surface;
6. The structure of the products and their design features;
7. Environmental requirements for materials for construction wares from wood.
8. The design features modern forms i structures of wood;
9. Professional terminology,
10.Techniques and construction methods.

Acquired skills:
1. develop and execute work drawings of parts and assembly units;
2. construct furniture and other wood products;
3. to graphically build wood products and their components on the computer;
4. product design and complex parametric models using computer programs;
5. prepare documentation for the product with the software;
6. get photorealistic three-dimensional image – perspective and others;
7. affix the drawings roughness parameters, tolerances, landing sizes;
8. the calculation kalibriv to control the size of parts;
9. determine the strength of materials for manufacturing wood products;
10. The use of a reference regulatory and technical literature.

Responsible for the course: Serhiy Hayda