Department of Technology of Furniture and Wood Products

Educational and Scientific Institute of Woodworking Technologies and Design

(National Forestry University of Ukraine (UNFU of Ukraine)

Head of Department: Kiyko Orest, professor, doctor of technical sciences

Address of the department: Lviv, street. Zalizniak, 11, room 21

Phone: (032) 238-45-04 (098) 721-95-13

E-mail: tmvd (at) nltu.edu.ua

Facebook pages:

httpss://www.facebook.com/TMVDNLTU/ (page of the department of TMVD)

Innovative startups of the woodworking and furniture industry (One of specialties of specialty 187 “Woodworking and furniture technologies”, branch 18 “Production and engineering”, educational degree – bachelor)

We are on Google Maps Link: httpss://goo.gl/maps/s8hBuXnvpR42

Channel on YouTube httpss://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7n2HjBu14HcgyxzOP8nzxg