Analysis of the Lviv region’s bioeconomy 2019


Lviv region is one of the mos t developed regions of Ukraine. In the Lviv region, many branches of industry are well developed, in particular: mining, energy, light industry (food, textile, pharmaceuticals), agriculture and forestry sectors, the IT industry, tourism, and others. Lviv region owns one of the most developed transport networks in Ukraine (highways, railways). Lviv is the scientific, educational and cultural center of Ukraine.

However, despite all the advantages of geographical location, economic development and considerable scientific potential, there is no development strategy in the Lviv region in the realities of our time. First of all it’s about the strategy of bioeconomy development in the region. Since the resource potential for bioeconomy development is quite powerful. The residues and waste of agriculture, the forest sector, the food industry, as well as household waste are the resource that is currently not involved in the production processes and value chain.

The development of bioeconomy in the Lviv region would allow over time solve the problems that are extremely important for our region. First of all, this is an opportunity to reduce the dependence of the region’s economy on fossil fuels, since agricultural waste (straw, husk and manure) and forestry waste can become their alternative. In addition, it will give a boost to more complete use and processing of raw materials. The introduction of modern and high-tech methods of agriculture, without harm to the environment, will increase the production of agricultural products and provide the needs of the population of the region. The development of bioeconomy will also lead to the creation of new jobs, which is very relevant for our region.

So, the creation of a strategy of bioeconomy development in the Lviv region is extremely important. Since the availability of such a strategy will determine the competitiveness of the region’s economy tomorrow.

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