The Department conducted research in directions

  • “New technologies and resource saving technologies in energy, industry and agriculture.”
  • “New substances and materials

“This academic areas meet the following topics of scientific and scientific and technological activities::

  • improving the process of grinding of wood and wood materials with abrasive materials (professor Kiyko Orest);
  • process improvement and equipment of a modern varnish composition (docents Yaremchuk Larysa);
  • creation and study of adhesive for bonding wood and wood materials (docent Andrij Kushpit );
  • study the properties of paints and varnishes (assistent Oksana Yarish );
  • basis of flexible computer-aided manufacturing (docent Sergiy Gayda );
  • modifying adhesives and coatings (docent Stephan Hrytsak);
  • research formostiykosti shield elements furniture items (Senior lecturers Yaroslav Bilyi);
  • modifying softwood hardwood (assistent Natalia Chopenko);
  • bioconversion of organic waste and forestry agriculture in biogas and environmentally friendly fertilizer (professor Ivan Voytovych)


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