The technology of wood

The technology of wood

Lecture courses – information about discipline

General information on the discipline

Course “Technology of Wood” read for students 3rd year Engineering Department in “Derevoobroblyuvalni technology.”
The aim of the course is to present the basis of calculations of materials and their production technology in preparation Bachelor in 6.090200. The main objective of discipline is
  • study methods, rules and techniques of process management
  • formation required properties of wood and wood materials in their production with the rational use of raw materials
  • high performance
  • compliance and safe work environment.

As a result of the study subjects a student must:

  • learn the rules of calculating the required amount of material in the manufacture of wood products;
  • learn the system of rules, methods and techniques to ensure the transformation of raw materials into finished products to ensure its rational use, high productivity and product quality;
  • able to develop the process of production;
  • predict perspective directions of development of the industry. The tasks of the lectures are:
  • learn the rules, techniques and methods of forming the necessary properties of a product in the manufacture of wood products;
  • providing technological and technical-economic indicators fabricated products;
  • ensure the accuracy and quality of production that the use of raw materials;
  • compliance with safe work conditions and environment.

As a result of hearing lectures the student must:

  • know the methodology of rational calculation of raw materials, labor and energy;
  • able to make the technology of production and perform the work provided for preparation of production;
  • find suitable modern equipment for the manufacture of a transaction. The purpose of workshops is to develop engineering specifications in the manufacture of wood products, methods of calculating the norms of basic and auxiliary materials, preparation of flowsheets manufacturing products, the calculation of standard time for the operations and the amount of equipment with an analysis of its load, the calculation of the production area and shop scheduling process equipment of the designed plant. As a result of the training the student should:
  • able to draw on vyhotovlyuvalnyy product specification;
  • know the method of calculating the norms of raw materials, basic and auxiliary materials for the product, determine standard time to perform operations, calculate the amount of equipment and the program and analyze its load;
  • calculate the space shop and offer PLANNING equipment at some polling process. able to draw on vyhotovlyuvalnyy product specification.

Training for the courses:

The main and auxiliary literature

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