Technology cabinet furniture products

Technology cabinet furniture products

Lecture courses – information about discipline


General information on the discipline

The course “Technology of cabinet furniture products” read for students 5th year Engineering Department in “Wood Technology”.

The purpose of discipline is to develop students’ ability to ask and solve problems of engineering and scientific guidance, skills and exposure to computer-aided design process of manufacture of cabinet furniture products.

The objectives of the course is to develop in students:
  • ability to find new materials for manufacturing corps furniture products;
  • ability to develop working and assembly drawings using a computer;
  • ability to calculate the cost of raw materials by computer;
  • ability to calculate the required amount of equipment using a computer;
  • ability to optimize production program enterprise via computer;
  • ability to develop a planning workshop with a computer;
  • ability to carry out a comparative analytical processes to determine the optimum.

The program of lectures on the subject “Technology of cabinet furniture products”

  • Introduction. Purpose and structure of the course. Total current state and prospects of production of cabinet furniture products in Ukraine and abroad. Classification of cabinet furniture products.
  • Materials for cabinet furniture products. Process manufacturing fronts with MDF.
  • The process of manufacturing laminated furniture boards of solid wood.
  • The design of case furniture products. The main types of joints in cabinet furniture products. Connect the horizontal and vertical walls in cabinet furniture products. Ways hanging in front of cabinet furniture products. Ways to install drawers and napivshuhlyad.
  • Theoretical basis of wood and wood composites pressure. Technology of creation of microrelief on the front surfaces of furniture. Formation pressure openings. Formation pressure holes for accessories.
  • Abrasive processing in manufacturing technology of cabinet furniture products.
  • Applied Computer Programs in the manufacture of cabinet furniture products.
  • Typical manufacturing processes of cabinet furniture products.

Program of practical training in the discipline “Technology case furniture products”

  • Introduction. Structure of the course project. Issuance task.
  • Drafting product specification. Development dimensional drawings.
  • Development dimensional drawings. Develop product designs. Select the types of connections.
  • Computer design assembly drawing product using the “Compass”.
  • Computer design working drawings of parts and assembly units using the “Compass”.
  • Computer design product design (working drawings of parts and assembly units) using the program “Dinalog” firm “Blum”.
  • Computer design product design (working drawings of parts and assembly units) using the “Furniture-designer” firm “Furniture technology.”
  • Computer design product design (working drawings of parts and assembly units) using the program “Woody” firm “Furniture technology.”
  • Computer Mapping cutting out plate materials.
  • Computer calculation of the balance sheet and timber waste using a spreadsheet program “Excel”.
  • Computer calculation of product support materials using a spreadsheet program “Excel”.
  • Development group card process (route scheme of the process).
  • Computer calculation of the required number of equipment using a spreadsheet program “Excel”.
  • Solving optimization problems present an application using a spreadsheet program “Excel”.
  • Computer drawing layouts selected equipment.
  • Computer drawing layouts station (shop) for the manufacture of furniture product corps.

The program for the laboratory studies on the subject “Technology cabinet furniture products”

  • Study of wood and wood composites pressure.
  • Investigation of lychkuvannya DSP.
  • Investigation of resistance pulling screws.
  • Research rigidity body.
  • Studies on the stability and strength of mounting boxes napivshuhlyad.
  • Tours (lasting exhibition “Rojek” home furniture “Sigma”, “Golden Forest”, “Diavest”).
  • Making copies corps furniture product with material in the studio.
Training for the courses:

The main and auxiliary literature
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  • Theme. “Technology of cabinet furniture products. Introductory lecture.”. ( download , 1,03 MB, PDF)
  • Theme. “Bezstruzhkove cuts.”
  • Theme. “Systems of drawers and their attachment.”
  • Subject. “Technological process of manufacturing furniture board with solid wood.”
  • Theme. “A plate of MDF in furniture manufacture.”
  • Subject. “Advantages of DSP processing pressure.”
  • Theme. “Hardware in furniture manufacture.”

Work programs and plans