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Department of technology furniture wood products originating from the first specialized department of the faculty of mechanical technology of wood and as a result of repeated reorganizations had the following names:

  • Of 1946-1947mechanical wood processing (Head S. Timonen);
  • 1947-1953 bienniumjoinery, mechanical and plywood industries (Associate Head O. Janson);
  • 1953-1970 bienniumdesign manufacture of wood (Associate Head O. Janson);
  • 1970 – 2011.Technology of wood products (head docents O. Jansson, V. Kachan, I. Zajac, J. P. Bugaenko, SI Grytsyshyn, IG Voitovich, O. A. Kiiko)
  • from 2011 to present – technology furniture and wood products (headed by O. Kiiko)

During the operation of the department, its employees defended 28 candidate and a doctorate, 90% of the faculty of the department have academic degrees and academic titles.

The Department is one of the producing process of faculty and prepare specialists in

  • “Cultivation of wood” (specialty 6.051801 “Derevoobroblyuvalni technology”)

and also participates in the educational process of training:

  • “Design”
  • “Chemical technology of wood processing and plant material,”
  • “Forestry equipment, automated process control and production”,
  • “Management of organizations, foreign economic activity.”

Lecturer for the last period was prepared and published textbooks and manuals:

  • “Basic technology of wood” (dots.Voytovych IG)
  • Technology protective and decorative coating of wood and wood materials (navch. Guide). Lions. RVVUkrDLTU. 2006. – 264s. (Associate Professor Savenets MI)
  • Kiiko A. Statistical methods for improving product quality derevoobroblennya. – Lviv Panorama. – 228 p..
  • “The technology of wood” (Prof. M. Zajac)
  • “Technological aspects of designing joinery furniture industry”,
  • “Fundamentals of woodworking industries” (Prof. B. Prokopovich) …

Subjects of research devoted

  • improve the polishing process wood and wood materials abrasive tools;
  • creation of adhesive for bonding wood and wood materials;
  • process improvement and equipment of a modern varnish compositions;
  • improving scientific and technical terminology in the field of woodworking;
  • modification of wood glue and finishing materials;
  • developing technology to use air-root and timber extracted for the production of particleboard;
  • bioconversion of organic waste and forestry agriculture in biogas and environmentally friendly fertilizer.

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