Furniture Technology (for students of specialty “Design”)

General information about the discipline

The course “Furniture Technology” is read for students of specialty “Design”

The purpose of the discipline is to consolidate theoretical knowledge in specialty subjects of the curriculum and to master practical skills for creative solution of production problems using advanced world science and technology at the level of requirements determined by the qualification characteristic of the bachelor.

The aim of the course is to give knowledge about the technology of production of furniture products from wood and wood materials, characterization of basic materials of furniture production, complex and economical use of materials, world achievements in the field of furniture production and modern equipment, world trends of furniture development and prospects of the furniture industry of Ukraine.

The task of studying the discipline “Technology of furniture products” according to the requirements of the credit-modular system of the organization of educational process (KMSONP) and the recommendations of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), is that the bachelor must be prepared for production, technical, organizational and project management – design and research activities in the field of creation and introduction of new designs and technologies in furniture production.

In general, the defining criterion for the preparation of bachelors in the Bologna process is: quality of training, compliance with the European labor market, mobility, enhancing competitiveness for continuing education in Europe.

Knowledge and skills

As a result of studying the discipline the student must:


  • Manufacturing technology of cabinet, trellis, upholstered, wicker and bent furniture products;
  • Characteristics of the basic materials of furniture production;
  • Global achievements in the development of both furniture materials and furniture products;
  • Prospects for the development of furniture production in Ukraine;
  • The furniture industry of the leading world countries.

be able:

  • Fluent in professional terminology;
  • Design the interior of the room and the construction of furniture;
  • Calculate basic and auxiliary materials of furniture production;
  • To develop technological process of production;
  • Predict possible perspective directions in furniture production;
  • Use information from Internet sites;
  • To use the necessary reference normative and technological literature