Summary of discipline. “Technology of Woodworking”

Subject “Technology of Woodworking.

Direction of education “Woodworking technology”.
Educational qualification level – “Bachelor”.

Course content:
Theme 1. Problems of the course.
Theme 2. Structure of the forest industry in Ukraine.
Theme 3. Raw materials for manufacturing of wooden products.
Theme 4. Calculation of the raw materials.
Theme 5. Basics of interchangeability.
Topic 6. The roughness of wood and its ensuring.
Theme 7. The production process and its characteristics.
Theme 8. Cutting.
Theme 9. Convert of the workpieces into details.
Theme 10. Production of curved workpieces.
Theme 11. Gluing and veneering.
Theme 12. Finishing treatment .
Theme 13. Assembly in manufacturing of wood products.
Theme 14. Preparation for the manufacturing of the wood products.
Theme 15. Precision of the processing.

Results of the study:

Graduates have the opportunity to creatively and professionally carry out activities
related to the production of woodworking products.

Acquired knowledge:

Following the completion of the course the student should know:
– method of calculation of norms of raw materials, main and auxiliary materials for
the products, determine the standard time for operations and to calculate the
number of necessary equipment and program analysis and make analysis
– calculate production area of shop and offer lay-out equipment at some
technological process.

Acquired skills:

– – make the production technology and perform the work provided for preparation
of production;
– – find suitable modern equipment for the manufacture of a transaction.
– – use the device and instrument input control of raw materials and to monitor the

Responsible for the course:
Prof. Ivan VoytoVych.