The Department is one of the four producing departments of the Faculty of Technology and trains specialist training in “Wood Technology” specialization “Technology of furniture products.”

Teaching staff provides a level of training of professionally oriented and special disciplines in accordance with educational and vocational programs and qualification characteristics bachelors and specialists, successfully working on books, textbooks and teaching materials.

Department “Technologies of furniture and wood products” provided adequate training of laboratory and scientific databases.

Lecture courses, inextricably linked with the use of computer technology in the learning process TDB department.

The chair read the following disciplines::

Prepared for training software packages, the main ones are:

  • “Calculating the cost of materials and supplies”;
  • “Determination of the optimal program loading equipment”;
  • “Development of product assembly drawings”;
  • “The development of working drawings of details”;
  • “Statistical analysis of research results”;
  • “Testing normality of distribution of random variables”;
  • “Graphical presentation of the experiment.”

Applications made by faculty and students of the department using Borland Turbo Basic 1.0, Borland Turbo Pascal 6.0, Borland Delphi 2.0, Microsoft Visual Basic for Application, Microsoft Excel. For specific calculations widely used “Microsoft Excel”, and for creating graphical information (schedules, technological schemes, etc.) AutoCAD.

Also in the educational process used demo versions of systems design “Woody”, “Basis Designer” program cutting sheet materials “2D-Place”, a design system for design furniture and products of kleslen “3D-FLAT 2002”.


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