Andriy Kushpit

Candidate of engineering sciences, associate professor

office phone: 038 0322 238 45 04e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • In 1986 he graduated from the Lviv Forestry Institute, specializing in "Engineering and technology"

Scientific degree:

  • Ph.D
  • Thesis: "Development of technology for bonding wood materials with PVC films vodnodysiynymy compositions"
  • Year of protection - 1997

Professional experience:

  • 1999 ... 2004 - assistant professor of wood technology (Ukrainian State Forestry University, Engineering Department )
  • Since 2004 ... 2009 - Senior Lecturer Department of Engineering, wood products (Ukrainian State Forestry University, Engineering Department)
  • From 2009 to present - Associate professor at the department of DFWPT (Ukrainian National Forestry University, Engineering Department)


  • Deputy head of the department of educational work

Additional Information:

  • From 1999 to today - the head master and diploma
  • From 1999 to today - the organizer of educational practices for students 1-5 courses


  • Lectures and laboratory training "Fundamentals of machining workpieces with Drevin"
  • Lectures on the subjects " visualization of information technology "(for master-engineers)
  • Practical laboratory exercises and course projects in the disciplines: "The technology of wood," "Research in the wood", "Materials Science", "Technology lattice furniture products"
  • Practical training and course design, "Tech special d / o productions", " Technology of wood "," Technology of cabinet furniture products »
  • Laboratory work with subjects: "Technology parts of soft furniture production", "Materials Science", "Training Workshop"
  • Consultations technological part of master and diploma students netehnolohichnyh specialties

Research and professional interests:

  • Development and research of adhesive for bonding wood and wood materials;
  • Improving the properties of wood by deep seepage, including using vacuum
  • Technological processes of production of wood products
  • Develop software for simulation of technological processes of wood for use in educational process

Selected Publications:

  • Modification of hardwood by water solution salts article XI sympozia. Pokroky vo vyrobe a pouziti lepidel v drevarskom priemysle. VSLD. Vinne, Zvolen, 8.-10.9.1999, p.55-60.
  • Using wood in the manufacture modyfytsyrovannoy abstract Arriving an international science and technology conference, 13-17 June 2000., Voronezh
  • Lecture of the course "Fundamentals of design of wood products. The" Evolution of Style in meblyarstvi "lecture notes, Lviv UkrDLTU, 2000. 42s
  • Influence of dye concentration on color paper modified beech wood materials of scientific and technical conferences of teachers, graduate students and faculty members of technology d / o. 2001, Lviv, UkrDLTU
  • Definition nesuschey abilities kleevoho soedynenyya, using glue vodnodyspersyonnoho article Proceedings of an international science and technology conference "Les-2002", October 2002., Bryansk
  • Application vodorastvorymыh krasyteley krashenyya wood for paper Actual problems lesnoho complex. Collected career. Issue 7. - Bryansk, 2003.-140s.