Ilkiv Mykhajilo

TFWA department, Assistant Professor

 Solonynka Vasyl

TFWA department, Assistant Professor

Stephan Hrytsak

TFWA department, PhD, associate professor

Ivan Voytovych



TFWA department, Professor, PhD

Sergiy Gayda

Personal Data

Current Position: Associate Professor of Department of Furniture Production Techniques and Wood Product Technology, Institute of Woodworking Technology and Design, Ukrainian National Forestry University.

Oksana Yarish

TFWA department, PhD, Assistents

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TFWA department,  Senior lecturers

Yaremchuk Larysa

AssociateProfessorof Wood Products Department [Docent],
Associate Dean of Technology Faculty

 Natalia Chopenko

TFWA department, Assistant Professor

Andriy Kushpit

Candidate of engineering sciences, associate professor

Head. TFWA department, Professor, Doctor of Science